Your Council met on Tuesday, May 18th.  All were in attendance with the exception of Joe Zikmund.   A quorum was established, and the meeting was called to order.  

In our various officer's reports, we went over our new website, which is up and running, and reaching out to different committee chairs since we are open for worship again.

A lengthy discussion occurred about re-engaging for worship.  It focused on the different steps necessary to provide as safe an environment as possible for those in attendance.  We all agreed that we will provide a virtual option for those that choose not to attend for whatever reason.

We discussed our roof as we proceed with Kleinschmidt, and the need for additional funding going forward.   This is a real need.   We do need volunteers, just to help not with implementing various ideas, but with the ideas themselves.  

The last thing we did discuss was wrapping up staff evaluations for 2020.   We have fallen behind, due to circumstances beyond our control.  These will be completed along with goals for this year.

We adjourned with the Lord's Prayer. 

Jeff Parsons,  Council President