Your Council met on Tuesday February 15th.  All were in attendance, with the exception of Dennis Bauer.  As always, we began our meeting with prayer and the Sacrament.  
First, we had a presentation by Gary Zenz in regards to the Brick Memorial.  That committee has done a fantastic job, and Gary especially deserves a ton of credit for his contribution.  
Among other things, the committee will be ordering bricks for every pastor the church has had, bricks to commemorate events of significance in our past, and created a list of past members who made significant contributions but have no family members involved with the church now.   Gary also had a letter that will be going out to as many as possible that he presented to Council.  
Currently, the Brick Memorial Committee is trying to set up appointments with different contractors to bid on the project.  You should all be receiving a letter about purchasing bricks for your family in the near future.
Pastor Eric layed out the schedule for Lent.  Ash Wednesday & Maundy Thursday will be joint services with FCC.  Ash Wednesday will be at FCC, Maundy Thursday will be at St Paul.  A prayer meeting will be in our Chapel every Wednesday after Ash Wednesday.  A Good Friday service at St Mary's was still in the planning stage, and a sunrise Easter service is planned at Pierce Park, weather permitting.
We had another conversation about Parables.   Parables is still hoping to get broad based support from our community to support this ministry.  It appears there will be a couple other churches in Chelsea that will share in this effort.  
We are in the process of wrapping up the roof.   The only significant piece remaining is the ridge vent.   We will need better weather before that can be put in place.  
Finally, we did discuss the pandemic.   We do know that at some point we will be able to emerge from our mask mandate.  We all agreed to stay in touch between meetings as conditions change. 
Our meeting concluded with the Lord's Prayer. 
Yours in Christ,
Jeff Parsons, Council President