The Implementation Team has begun meeting, currently by Zoom. We have made announcements about St Paul’s acceptance of this covenant in local media and by hanging a banner on the church. The group has encouraged and supported a Racial Equity Study Group for several months. We have 
also discussed with the council an inclusive sign on the upstairs bathroom. We are discussing a sign indicating handicap and gender neutral or all gender bathroom.

We need your energy! We want your ideas!  Please talk to members, join our meetings or join us for an activity that speaks to you.  We are discussing how to implement the Covenant moving forward.  Currently we are discussing June pride month activities including participating in the Chelsea Pride Parade June 5th.  We are also going to look into volunteering again a Jackson Interfaith Shelter.  There have been several ideas about ways to engage with the youth of Chelsea, especially those at risk for mental health or substance use issues.

People who have participated in our discussions:

  • Peter Flintoft
    Martha Folts               
    Judy Gentz
    Steve Gentz                  
    Yolonda Johnson 
    Johanna Kruse
    Martina Nebozny    
    Maurine Nelson            
    Jeff Parsons    
    Ann Schaffner          
    Kristin vanReesema           
    Steve Whitesall       
    Amy Whitesall          
    Barbara Brown Zikmund